Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement

If you’re in later stage of hair loss where a large portion of balding area needs to be covered, then try Dr. Paul’s customized non-surgical hair replacement procedure which could be the best option for you. 
Our non-surgical hair replacement treatment allows our patients to achieve a fuller and healthier head full of hair that looks stylish yet natural at the same time. It does not restrict lifestyle since we have a specialized system for hair and scalp analyzing. The system helps us to formulate and determine the correct treatment plan that would suit your expectations in terms of style and age. One is able to achieve their aesthetic desired look and obtain an unwavering result with our procedure. 

So Why Dr. Paul’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System?

Dr. Paul’s individually tailored this hair replacement procedure so it can achieve natural looking hair that matches your own natural hair – its colour tone, facial structure, complexion and age – providing a natural look.

Our team of professional experts will perform a hair analysis, take hair samples and understand the scalp specifications and conditions. This step is important for determining the right replacement procedure for you.

Hair Replacement is best for those people who are looking for a change dramatically straight away. It also best suited for those who have suffered from extensive hair loss which left them without having enough hair to qualify as an ideal candidate for a hair transplant.

This non-surgical hair replacement procedure helps you to have a head full of hair and allows one to carry out daily hair activity routines like hair cut, styling and colouring.

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