Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start availing treatment from Dr. Paul’s?
Ans:Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin solutions have over 17 centers in various parts of India. You can take an appointment visit and your nearest clinic and consult one of our experts face to face. If you cannot visit our clinic you have an initial discussion with our doctors over video on Skype or WhatsApp.

What kind of treatment do you provide for Hair Loss?
Ans: Dr. Paul’s provide complete solution for Hair Loss for both male and female. Starting from oral medication, various therapies at the clinic, Hair Transplant, non-surgical hair replacement etc.

What type of Hair Transplant do you do?
Ans:We follow the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE transplantation procedures, which is minimally invasive, less painful, less downtime, less and about 97% effective. It has several advantages – Quicker Recovery, More Natural Hairline, Little or No Scarring and Zero Hair-Plug Appearance.

How can I avail online treatment?
Ans: First you have to fill an online form and provide the required information that the doctor will need. You can either have this call through WhatsApp or through Skype (we recommend Skype because of better video quality). During the video call the doctor will ask several questions and based on your condition the doctor will discuss both medical and surgical treatment options available to you. If only supplements are suggested to you, they will be sent to your address through courier. You can complete the payment online.

What kind of devices we need to have a video call?
Ans: You can use your smartphone or a computer with a web camera and a good internet connection (broadband or 4G) – We will provide assistance at all stage if you require any.

What are the charges of consulting the doctor?
Ans:The charges for a face to face consultation at any of our clinics is Rs. 295 only. If you choose to have the initial video consultation the charges are Rs. 149 on WhatsApp (this is the introductory price, actual price is Rs. 349) and for Skype Video consultation the charges are Rs. 399 (this is the introductory price, actual price is Rs. 699). These are only the consultation fee to compensate the time of the doctors and does not include the charges of the supplements.

Can I receive the supplements by courier?
Ans:Yes, you can receive oral supplements or Hair Fast medication by courier anywhere in India. Once you have completed the payment the supplements will be shipped the same day or the immediate next business day from our center through a preferred courier service. Depending on your location it should reach within the 3-4 business days any part of India.

Can I make a convert my payment amounts in to EMI?
Ans: Yes, you can convert your payment amount into easy EMI at the clinic while making the payment using your credit cards. You can also avail the financing options of HDFC Bank or Bajaj Finserv at selected clinics.

Why do I need to register for at least 3 months or 6 months or 12 months?
Ans: Every treatment requires time to show it’s result. At Dr. Paul’sClinic, we do not do any miracle but provide treatment based on extensive scientific research and application, which does not give overnight results but shows result gradually. So, it is important for you to allow that time for the treatment to start delivering the results.

Do you give any guarantee?
Ans: It is not possible to give any guarantee or predict an exact time frame in any branch of medical treatment and hence Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic do provide the same as well.

Can I claim a refund?
Ans: The consultation fee that you pay to consult a doctor is to compensate the time doctor spends on your case. Since, the doctor has already spent the time on the case the consultation fee therefore is no refundable. Supplements once sold cannot be returned as well.

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